“You're Lovable to Me” is the perfect bedtime story to bring families together to learn about the power and simplicity of love. Through the use of gentle rhyme and classic illustrations; the message of unconditional love is passed from bunnies to the readers of this children's book.

The story begins with the repentant bunnies apologizing to their mama for the trouble they’ve created throughout the day. The mama bunny stops her children and softly explains that “no matter what your feelings are, whatever they may be . . . I’m your mama. You’re my bunnies. And you’re lovable to me.”

Once the young bunnies are all tucked in, Mama Bunny’s father stops by and finds his little bunny in need of a loving reminder. He, too, sweetly explains to his bunny that “You’re lovable to me.”

This children's book is a perfect gift for the holidays, an Easter book or Mother's Day gift. It is a classic tale of love that can be shared with all generations, mothers, fathers, grandparents, as a reminder of what matters most.